Human Resource Systems Group, more commonly known as HRSG, provides competency-based talent management solutions that address challenges in human capital planning, performance improvement, retention and succession.

Why do organizations turn to HRSG?

Organizations work with HRSG because our competency-based approach more effectively translates their strategic vision into employee behaviors that deliver business goals. Organizations who believe that success rests on optimizing productivity by improving skills and maximizing workforce effectiveness have turned to HRSG as a trusted partner for over twenty years. Learn more about HRSG's process to strengthen the impact and performance of every member of your workforce.

Clients frequently face challenges in understanding the performance capacity within their organization, formulating a plan to match organizational capacity to mission, engaging and retaining the right people, and sustaining the organization's capacity to perform over time. HRSG can help clients meet those challenges with great success by:

  • Understanding and defining the talent needed versus available
  • Addressing skill deficiencies
  • Matching the talent to performance needs
  • Matching the right people with the right skills with the right jobs

Our clients include governments, global corporations, NATO defense departments, professional accreditation bodies, skills focused NGOs.

How will a relationship with HRSG yield superior business results?

We work with our clients rather than for our clients. We ensure that there is a deliberate, process based, transfer of knowledge from HRSG to your organization. The end result is solutions that make you self-sufficient rather than reliant. We work extensively to ensure that challenges are clearly and precisely identified and the right solution is provided. Our solutions are integrated, easy to implement, practical and workable.

Talk with us today. You will recognize the HRSG difference!