Defensible assessment solutions, helping your talent stay on the cutting-edge.

HRSG`s assessment services and products help organizations make sound and defensible decisions. Whether you are hiring a new employee, assessing for promotion, investing in development or establishing an accreditation program, HRSG has the strategies to ensure meaningful results.

Certification and recognition programs are being implemented in many sectors to increase professionalism and support a skilled workforce. HRSG helps your talent stay on the cutting-edge by leveraging expertise, best-practices and the latest technology. HRSG`s assessment services and products provide accessible and cost-effective solutions while ensuring your programs meet your industry's requirements as well as international standards (NCCA/ICE, ISO, AERA).

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  • Build Legally Defensible Assessment Programs: Ensure that your assessment and selection processes are compliant with best practices, and are not vulnerable to legal challenges under human rights or labor legislation.
  • Increase Buy-in for Employee/Stakeholder Assessments: Prepare strong communications material, and conduct briefing sessions to explain the purpose and intent of the assessment, as well as, how the results will be used.
  • Link Assessment Programs to Development Initiatives: Increase support of assessment initiatives by establishing a strong link between assessment outcomes and development opportunities. Ensure the strategies are in place to clearly identify learning or career advancement opportunities for employees.
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HRSG'S assessment services and products can help your organization make sound and defensible decisions. Contact HRSG today to ensure that your programs meet or exceed your industry's requirements and your talent stays on the cutting-edge.

  • Attain industry recognition for management and staff.
  • Meeting or exceed client requirements when contract bidding.
  • Establish legally defensible selection and promotion policies.
  • Identify learning gaps and develop employees to address gaps.
  • Gain internal support by linking assessment programs to development initiatives.
  • Make reliable accurate decisions when hiring, developing and promoting resources.
  • Reduce HR costs through proactive development of internal employees.
  • Attain your business current and future goals through aligned staffing strategies!

HRSG offers a suite of services to make the most of your organizations Assessment, Testing, Certification and Accreditation including:


  • Recruitment Strategies
  • Assessment Tools
  • Assessment Centers
  • Track-record-review
  • Multisource 360 Evaluations
  • Test Development
  • Reference Checking Tools

Certification and Testing

  • Establishing Certification Models, Policies and Governance Structures
  • Development, pilot testing and implementation of assessment / testing  Psychometric Analysis and Exam Scoring
    • Multiple-Choice Tests and Item Writing
    • Performance Evaluation
    • Accomplishment Record / Track Record Review
  • Facilitation of Item Writing Workshops


  • Establishing Accreditation Models, Policies and Governance Structures
  • Development, pilot testing and implementation of assessments

The CompetencyCore™ management tool has given our business access to a professional and comprehensive dictionary of competencies, an assessment tool for those competencies, and a way for us to create development plans for our clients. It's been enormously useful to us and to our customers.

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