CompetencyCore Talent Acquisition: Find the Perfect Fit

Behavioral interviews are proven to be one of the most effective interviewing strategies that exist today. Get critical information about a candidate's past performance and predict future performance using our web based recruitment software.

Hire for Success! Learn how competency-based selection can make sure you hire the right candidate.


Use HRSG's online recruitment tools to:

  • Match changing job requirements with the most qualified internal or external candidate
  • Decrease costs associated with bad hires by targeting the competencies for success in a job
  • Ensure consistency of evaluation by assessing all candidates against the same standards
  • Improve the transparency of the selection process by clearly communicating the required competencies to the candidate being interviewed

"Without a doubt, deploying HRSG’s CompetencyCore™ across our 90 offices improved the quality of our managerial hires."
-Ric Heimke, VP, National Director of Staffing

Why Use Behavioural Selection?

You've just spent weeks advertising, interviewing and assessing candidates for a position. You bring your new hire on board, put them through orientation and training, and 3 months in, they quit! Sound familiar?

A well developed competency-based recruitment software solution allows you to:

  • Reduce the risk of making a bad hire by increasing the validity of the recruitment process through well-researched, job-related competencies, standardized selection criteria and re-usable tools and guides.
  • Slash the amount of time spent by hiring managers to prepare for, conduct and evaluate interviews.
  • Create efficiencies by providing re-usable selection tools and processes, including question banks, and standardized interview guides.

What can you expect?

  • A huge bank of interview questions, including 2-3 questions per competency, per level – that means 600 interview questions to pick from for the HRSG Competency Dictionary's Core Package alone!
  • Pre-built interview guides for 75 jobs included in product at no extra charge.
  • The ability to generate effective Interview Guides on-the-fly from a database of pre-approved competency-based interview questions. These questions are linked to your organization’s competencies at appropriate proficiency levels.