Effectively Measure Success

Backed by decades of experience, CompetencyCoreTM helps organizations achieve unprecedented success through the application of competency-based assessment for selection, performance, development, succession and dismissal.

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Once you have defined what is needed for successful performance, it's time to implement those requirements. Whether you are planning a recruitment campaign, hiring a new employee, assessing for promotion, or investing in development, HRSG specializes in providing tools, training and support to ensure you make sound, defensible decisions.

Why use Competency-based Assessments?

Use competencies as the foundation for assessment in selection, performance, development or succession:

  • Ensure consistency in evaluation
  • Improve the transparency by clearly communicating the required behaviors
  • Create efficiencies by providing re-usable assessment tools and processes
  • Provide standards for evaluating the success of the assessment process

What can be assessed using competencies?

Competencies define the criteria for successful performance, and provide important and usable information to make effective business decisions.

HRSG's tools, training and support will help you:

  • Standardize criteria for successful performance
  • Measure skills and analyzing gaps across the organization
  • Top-grade performance