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HRSG’s Competency-Based Selection© Interviewing program can help you to make better hiring decisions through practical, hands-on interview training. Offered in one or two-day formats, this program teaches effective interview techniques that will enable you to make candidate selection based on crucial competencies.

During the program you will define the specific selection system for your unique organization. You will also learn a how to reliably gather task-related information from the candidate, giving you the power to evaluate their ability to do the job. This program can help you make these important decisions with a confident understanding of legal considerations and of how to hire for diversity. HRSG’s selection system is built on best practices for defensible selection systems, and professional standards intended to protect organization from judicial challenge.

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The productivity and success of an organization depends on the employees it hires. HRSG’s Competency-based Selection© Interviewing training can help you make the best selection for your organization. Enroll today and benefit from HRSG’s 22+ years of training experience and our world-wide network of HR professionals.

  • Obtain the skills and information to conduct competency-based interviews and assess individuals against job-related competencies through interactive exercises.
  • Learn to use this comprehensive, proven system for assessing “bona fide” job competencies in an objective, impartial manner free from barriers, and consistent with Human Rights and Employment Equity legislation.
  • Ensure that your organization gives all potential candidates a fair opportunity to be recruited, selected and recommended for jobs and career advancement.
  • Learn to utilize our proven format for designing job-related interview questions specific for your industry.
  • Master the application of a consistent system and standards for selection in your organization.
  • Take away your training manual a valuable resource when putting your training into practice.

Delivered in one or two-day formats, this interactive program incorporates multiple exercises where participants get to practice the tips and techniques taught throughout the workshop.

The Selection System

  • Defining the Selection System
  • Competency Coverage Grid

The Selection Interview

  • Improving the Selection Interview
  • Common Selection Challenges
  • Key Interviewing Skills
  • Structured vs. Unstructured Interviewing

Competency-based Interviewing

  • The Competency-based (Behavioral) Interview
  • The Goal: Behavioral Examples
  • False Behavioral Examples
  • Determining the Critical Job Requirements
  • Steps in Determining Competencies (Job Requirements)

Selecting for Diversity

  • Defining An Unbiased Recruitment & Selection System
  • Recruiting Diverse Candidates
  • Accommodating Differences in the Selection Process
  • Sensitivity to Cultural Differences

Legal Considerations

  • Key Facts and Legislation
  • Exceptions and Obligations
  • Breaking Down the Barriers
  • Other Considerations
  • Characteristics of a Legal Selection Program

Interview Preparation

  • The Interview Guide
  • Using the Guide for Effective Note Taking

Conducting the Interview

  • Opening the Interview
  • Pacing the Interview
  • Building and Maintaining Rapport
  • Techniques for Maintaining Candidate Self-Esteem
  • Asking the Questions
  • Collecting Details
  • Follow-Up Probes
  • Closing the Interview

Evaluating the Interview

  • Evaluating the Interview
  • Sharing Information with Others
  • Establishing Qualified Candidates
  • Determining Who Gets the Job

Reference Checking

  • What is a Reference Check?
  • Why are Reference Checks Important?
  • Behaviorally-Based Reference Questions
  • Prohibited Grounds for Questioning
  • Probing for more Information
  • Methods of Checking References
  • Conducting the Reference Check

It has been great doing business with HRSG, and ICTC looks forward to the growing opportunities that this partnership brings!

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