It’s a competitive market out there and one of the biggest challenges facing organizations is how to attract folks who are a good fit for your organization.  How do you make sure you are hiring and retaining the right people? And how to you make sure all of the hiring you do is in line with organizational goals and plans? Really, it can make you dizzy.

Using competencies as part of your talent management plan, you can integrate strategic and business plans into one seamless overarching strategy to develop people, optimize resource allocation, enhance services, and create efficiencies. So how do you get started?

Simple – attend our webinar on June 12th at 1pm EST and you will learn:

  • Why are competencies important and why do I need them?
  • What makes using them in an organization of any size so important
  • What have other organizations gained through implementing competency based talent management

Sign up today and join Lorraine McKay as we discuss the value of using competencies as part of your talent management program and what it can mean to your organization.


Our Featured Presenter

Lorraine McKay, Senior Vice-President at HRSG, has over 20 years experience as a human resources practitioner in a wide variety of practice areas, and is particularly well known for her expertise and extensive experience in developing competency-based human resource management programs and tools, such as self-assessment and multi-rater feedback systems, competency-based interviewing, competency-based human resource planning and development, and job evaluation systems.

Much of Lorraine's work involves the design, facilitation and delivery of training courses and programs to managers and HR professionals. She delivers extensive briefing to conferences and in the context of workshops and facilitated discussion sessions. Lorraine regularly teaches two courses as part of the CHRP designation offered through Algonquin College and Carleton University, these being Personnel Selection and Human Resource Planning.


12 Jun 2013