The CompetencyCore Advantage

CompetencyCore™ offers a unique advantage over other “competency” solutions. Unlike other competency solutions that require you to adapt to the vendor’s “best-practice” view of competencies, CompetencyCore™ offers a suite of software tools, competency libraries and services that are adaptable and customizable to your requirements. CompetencyCore™ offers quality assurance through strong scientific rigour and proven methodologies.

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Why CbTM?

Learn how Competency-based Talent Management enables organizations to integrate strategic HR and business plans into one seamless strategy.

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A complete approach to Competency-based Talent Management, focused on your organizational success.

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Competency Libraries

Fast start libraries of proven business interpersonal and technical competencies that can accelerate your adoption of CbTM.

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Competency Software

CompetencyCore 5 software automates the proven CompetencyCore™ Approach as a fast, efficient path to CbTM success.

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Competency Training

Trains you to become a CbTM expert by successfully deploying unique tested CompetencyCore™ Approach.

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Competency Consulting

Lets you work with experienced certified CompetencyCore™ Consultants to build successful CbTM solutions.

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CompetencyCore™ delivers on the promise of organizational success through Competency-based Talent Management.

Why CompetencyCore™?

  • CompetencyCore™ effectively connects competencies to the entire Talent Management lifecycle through a combination of tools, services, support and training.
  • CompetencyCore™ means your competencies are reflective of both industry best-practices and your unique business.
  • CompetencyCore™ helps you turn talent into competitive advantage by addressing all aspects of the CbTM cycle, and aligning the competencies of individual employees with the core competencies of the organization to build and manage high performance workforces.

What can you expect?

  • Improvements in organizational performance and ROI by linking job requirements to organizational goals.
  • Increased employee engagement and individual performance by providing a clear understanding and expectations of employees' roles.
  • A full-service approach to support all HR practices by providing a common and integrated foundation.
  • Improved business analytics that enable you to strategically plan and develop workforce for both current and future needs.