Achieving Success Through Competency-based Management

The CompetencyCore™ Approach is a complete approach to Competency-based Talent Management focused on your organizational success. This approach to CbTM has been developed over 20 years of R&D and client engagements, allowing us to develop a robust collection of talent management best practices.

Learn more about CbTM in our whitepaper:

Competency-based talent management, or CbTM, is the best method for defining job requirements and building strategic HR programs to develop skilled, engaged and workforces and improve employee productivity. As an international leader in the competency space, HRSG has established many of the best practices that lead HR practitioners in the application of competency-based management.


What's different about our CompetencyCoreTM approach?

  • Bring HR and leadership together to facilitate strategic and impactful discussions.
  • Sets benchmarks for excellence that are strategically aligned to success metrics and business goals.
  • Helps build skilled, engaged and productive workforces quickly and effectively.

What can you expect?

  • 20+ years of R&D built in to the solution.
  • Best-of-breed approaches to developing and engaging skilled and productive workforces.
  • Flexible methodologies designed to work in any organization type, industry sector or business climate.