CompetencyCore Training Services

CompetencyCoreTM provides an HR training and development program that helps you to become a competency-based talent management expert by successfully deploying the unique tested CompetencyCoreTM approach.

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  • Rapidly accelerate implementation of Competency-based Talent Management programs and systems.
  • Learn to develop competencies, competency profiles and models.
  • Understand the best practices for implementing Competency-based Talent Management across all Talent Management areas.

The Programs:

  • Competency Workshops: Comprehensive program in competency-based management. Participants learn how to effectively design and implement competency programs across all talent management process areas.
  • Competency-based Selection Interviewing: Hands-on training that teaches how to make better hiring decisions through Competency-based Talent Management.
  • Performance Management: Interactive training that teaches managers and supervisors how to have more meaningful performance review discussions.

I read HRSG's competency manual every other day to conduct interviews, etc. The training was essential. After the training, I fully get it in terms of an integrated approach and we realize how much fuller it can be.
-Karen Cowrie, HR Officer
Phoenix Park Gas Processors

Why CompetencyCoreTM Training?

  • Learn from CompetencyCoreTM's 20+ years experience delivering competency-based solutions to accelerate implementation of a Competency-based Talent Management approach.
  • Establish a common language and principles for your organizations to ensure a consciousness approach to talent.
  • Learn systematic and structured processes to make informed human capital decisions.
  • Offered in on-line and class room sessions.

What can you expect?

  • A blend of best practices, case studies, role-plays, techniques, models and the latest research in Competency-based Talent Management.
  • Mix and match blocks focused on every element of the Competency-based Talent Management cycle.
  • Highly experience trainers and facilitators certified in the CompetencyCoreTM Approach.