Competency-based management has never been easier!

The CompetencyCore™ Competency Manager simplifies content management empowering you to define the skills, knowledge and abilities required for successful performance in a job.

The foundational module within CompetencyCore™ enables you to simply and effectively incorporate competencies into all your HR activities through an easy-to-use competency management system.

The value is in the content!

HRSG’s CompetencyCore™ Competency Manager comes pre-loaded with a robust behavioral Competency Dictionary. To get you started quickly, HRSG’s team of experts has done the heavy lifting and built a comprehensive set of job descriptions across a wide range of occupational groups, including finance, IT, HR, sales, marketing and many more. Accelerate your return on investment by starting with world renowned content:

  • Step 1: Identify the jobs for which you want to identify the skills, knowledge and abilities that drive top performance.
  • Step 2: Validate the competencies for use within your organization. This can include core, leadership and job specific competencies.
  • Step 3: Finalize your job profiles or models.

Learn more about using competency management software in your organization.  Take a Video Tour of CompetencyCore or request more information.

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Discover the Benefits of CompetencyCore™ for Yourself!

Save Time and Money!

  • Developing competencies from scratch is a long and expensive process. HRSG’s competency dictionary gives you everything you need to get started quickly and easily.
  • Automated management tools save huge amounts of time and money when building job or competency models.

Improve Employee Performance

  • Define in advance the skills, knowledge and abilities required for top job performance.
  • Identify key behaviors for your organization’s job that drive corporate success.
  • Improve organizational performance by ensuring your employees have the skills, knowledge and abilities to perform optimally in their jobs.

Easily Manage Your Competency Data

  • Use HRSG’s Competency Dictionary or load your own competencies.
  • Make changes to the competencies and they are automatically reflected in all job profiles.
  • Build competency-based job descriptions and competency models on the fly!
  • Clone competencies to quickly create variations.

Learn more about using competencies in your organization.  Take a Video Tour of CompetencyCore or request more information.

What Can you Expect?


  • Proven Competency Dictionary with scaled general and functional behavioral competencies.
  • Complete with database of 75+ competency-based job descriptions, including job responsibilities and attributes, as well as the competencies.
  • Behavioral indicators and job descriptions embedded right in the system.
  • Product and content currently available in the following languages: English (US/UK), French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and simplified Chinese.
  • All content fully customizable.


  • Use the CompetencyCore™ Competency Manager with HRSG’s Competency Dictionary, or use your own competencies.
  • Build custom competency-based job profiles or start with the pre-loaded 75+ jobs.
  • Changes made in the dictionary are reflected across the entire integrated system. Easily integrates with your other HR systems.
  • Use the competency card sort exercise to identify key competencies for any job. Can operate as the ”back-engine” for managing your competencies and use another system for your HR processes.
  • Build your organizational chart by identifying the departments, jobs, positions and hierarchies. Identify the competency requirements for each job.
  • Create employee profiles and map to positions in the organization. Enable employees to assess against current and future positions for development purposes.
  • Track all of your employees in a standard hierarchical or matrix-based format. Brand the system with your organization’s logos, look and feel.

Implementation, Support and Training

  • 3 hours of one-on-one administrator training included with purchase of CompetencyCore™ 5.
  • 3 hours of consulting time included to be used to configure and set up your CompetencyCore™ site to maximize your investment.
  • Configuration and set-up packages available to get you started quickly and easily!

Learn more about using competencies in your organization.  Take a Video Tour of CompetencyCore or request more information.

The Police Sector Council’s ongoing partnership with HRSG is a sound investment; their products and services constantly exceed expectation, and have increased our potential for future development internationally.

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Geoff Gruson, Executive Director - Canadian Police Sector Council