CompetencyCore Consulting: Accelerate Success

Our experienced certified CompetencyCoreTM Consultants help you build successful Competency-based Talent Management solutions.

  • Get expert support and advice on all competency-related activities and issues.
  • Use CompetencyCoreTM talent management experts to off-load your internal workload and accelerate implementation.
  • Ensure best practice approaches are embedded in your programs and processes.

CompetencyCoreTM Consulting Services

Competency Framework

Work with our competency consultants to establish the foundational elements of your competency project, including your competency architecture, job families, communications strategies and implementation plans.

Competency Development

Can't find what you're looking for in our Competency Dictionary? Get custom developed behavioral or technical competencies to reflect your unique job requirements. We can also help you to identify and develop Core Competencies and Leadership Competencies targeted specifically for your organization.

Competency Mapping

For organizations who have existing competencies but want to migrate to a more robust dictionary, to identify behavioral indicators, or to adopt CompetencyCoreTM 5.0 as your competency-based talent management platform, HRSG will map your competencies to the CompetencyCoreTM Competency Dictionary. This enables you to more easily assign the relevant learning resources, interview questions, performance indicators already included in our databanks.

Competency Modelling / Profiling

We can develop custom competency-based job descriptions based on your unique organizational needs. These job descriptions and competency profiles include job responsibilities and attributes, related competency titles, definitions, notions and behavioral indicators at the appropriate level.

Competency-based Recruitment & Selection

Need help implementing competencies into your recruitment and selection processes? CompetencyCoreTM consulting services will give you the resources to quickly and easily design processes and support implementation of competency-based recruitment and selection.

Competency-based Performance Management

A competency-based performance management program provides both “the what” (goals) and “the how” (actions or competencies) of the tasks to be performed. CompetencyCoreTM services will support you in developing and implementing the tools and systems required for an effective performance appraisal approach.

Competency-based Learning & Development

Looking to implement a learning and development program? CompetencyCoreTM consulting will give you the resources to design targeted L&D programs that will improve the impact of training, better allocate your budgets, and ensure training delivered is aligned to corporate objectives and business goals.

Competency-based Succession Planning

Succession planning is top of mind for most executives striving for best practice talent management. CompetencyCoreTM consulting will help you to kick start your succession planning and management programs, and design targeted programs that will meet the demands of your organization.

Change Management & Communications Strategies

Competency-based talent management is often implemented as part of a larger framework for change aimed at aligning and integrating talent management processes and initiatives in support of the vision, mission and mandate of the organization. Our competency experts can provide strategies and coaching on how to communicate the importance and benefits of the competency initiative to all stakeholders and to engage them in a way that will ensure the long-term success of the change initiative.

Within an accelerated timeline to develop a cross-Canada training project, we were fortunate to secure our partnership with HRSG. From the efficient and effective needs analysis and consultation provided up front, through to the design, development and costing of the products and training, each aspect of the partnership far surpassed our expectations.
-Karen Cowrie, HR Officer
Phoenix Park Gas Processors

Benefits of CompetencyCoreTM Consulting Services

  • Leverage CompetencyCoreTM experts to quickly get you up the learning curve and achieve measurable results in a short time frame.
  • Ensure smooth implementation of competency-based talent management.
  • Augment your internal capacity to enhance services and create efficiencies.
  • Translate the theoretical into an actionable, strategically-driven plan quickly and easily.

What can you expect?

  • Flexible packaged solutions for critical functions like building a competency framework, identifying core competencies, developing custom job profiles, and more.
  • Deliberate knowledge transfer to ensure you can carry on your competency initiative.
  • Custom solutions delivered by highly experienced competency experts.
  • Custom solutions delivered by highly experienced competency experts.