Close Skill Gaps and Develop Careers

Whether you are dealing with rapidly changing technology, organizational change or workforce performance issues, identifying and addressing competency and skill gaps will translate into significant business improvements. HRSG's skills assessment software makes it simple to guide your employee learning and development programs.

Empowering your employees by giving them the tools to plan and manage their own careers will also minimize the risk of losing qualified employees.

The CompetencyCore Learning and Career Development Manager gives users the opportunity to develop personalized learning plans based on assessment results that address key competency and skills gaps, in a few quick steps.

  • Step 1: Select the competency you would like to develop.
  • Step 2: Choose learning resources from the bank of hundreds of publications, courses, on-the-job-activities, and multi-media, and attach them to your learning plan.
  • Step 3: Set dates for completion, track and monitor accordingly.

By laying out your competency architecture, career streams and roles, individuals across the organization can clearly and easily see potential career paths and development opportunities. Employees and managers have the ability to monitor and assess progress against targeted learning and development objectives. Reporting and assessment tools enable effective measurement of the effectiveness of the learning.

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Discover the Benefits of CompetencyCore™ for Yourself!

More and more, organizations are realizing the importance of putting in place programs and initiatives to address key skill gaps and retain well qualified staff. Use the CompetencyCore™ Learning and Career Development tools to address performance issues, motivate and engage, minimize turnover, and develop leaders.

Improve ROI on training initiatives

  • Easily assess individuals pre and post training to track effectiveness of training.
  • Target training budgets where they will have the greatest impact.
  • Provide standards for determining how well learning has occurred - individual & organizational.
  • Monitor training budgets by assining dollar values to training on employees' individual learning plans.

Increase the impact of training delivered

  • Build individual learning and development plans related directly to individual competency gaps
  • Focus learning on critical organizational competencies
  • Provide framework for learning curriculum / programs

Motivate and engage employees

  • Provide clear information about career opportunities for employees.
  • Career development addresses many of the challenges posed by multi-generational workplaces.
  • Empowering your employees to take charge of their own career will significantly reduce the risk of them leaving.
  • Laying out career development opportunities encourages employees to work on developing their skills and competencies.

Decrease costs due to turnover and loss of key employees

  • Cut costs asscoiated with turnover.
  • Minimize the risk of your top employees going to the competition.
  • Decrease expenses associated with hiring and training new staff.

Develop a strong leadership cohort who know your business inside and out

  • Employees who develop within and across an organization gain valuable knowledge of all facets of the business.
  • Lateral career moves across an organization can encourage significant knowledge transfer between departments and groups.
  • Leaders who understand the whole business are proven to have greater success in their jobs.

Learn more about using competencies in your organization.  Take a Video Tour of CompetencyCore™ or request more information.

What Can You Expect?

The CompetencyCore Learning Manager improves employee performance by directly linking competency and skill gaps to learning and development opportunities.


  • Assessment results can be used immediately to generate learning and development plans and assign learning resources.
  • Hundreds of learning objects all mapped to the competencies. Learning objects include: on-the-job activities, publications, multi-media, courses, online learning.
  • Best practice template learning plans.


  • Build personalized learning and development plans to address competency and skill gaps.
  • Monitor timeframes, completion, and costs.
  • Load your own learning resources unique to your organization or industry.
  • Link directly to your organization’s LMS.
  • Learning resources are searchable independent of learning plan.

Implementation Support and Training

  • 3 hours of one-on-one administrator training included with purchase of CompetencyCore™.
  • 3 hours of consulting time included to be used to configure and set up your CompetencyCore™ site to maximize your investment.
  • Configuration and set-up packages available to get you started quickly and easily!

Learn more about using competencies in your organization.  Take a Video Tour of CompetencyCore™ or request more information.

It has been great doing business with HRSG, and ICTC looks forward to the growing opportunities that this partnership brings!

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