CompetencyCore™ Libraries

Proven competency dictionaries of management and technical competencies that accelerate your adoption of Competency-based Talent Management.


HRSG List of Competencies



Use CompetencyCore Libraries to:

  • Quickly kick-off your Competency-based Talent Management initiative through immediate access to tested and reliable best practice general, functional and technical competencies and competency-based job descriptions.
  • Use as a starting point to develop strategic, and relevant core competencies.
  • Match changing job requirements with the most qualified employee/candidate.
  • Standardize the hiring process, ensure successful repeatable results, and minimize risk.
  • Identify and develop your top performers and leaders.
  • Strategically plan and manage your human capital.

"We don't know how we existed before we had HRSG's competencies. We couldn't go ahead with succession planning or other programs...We have to have good people, and to choose the best people for strategic initiatives, we need to have competencies."
-Karen Cowrie, HR Officer
Phoenix Park Gas Processors

Job sample:

Job Sample

Sample competency:

Why Use a Competency Dictionary?

Make informed HR decisions by establishing the criteria to define your workforce architecture, establish business analytics, and encourage continuous improvement. A well developed Competency Dictionary allows you to:

  • Prepare competency-based job descriptions or models that become the benchmark for hiring, developing, promoting and re-organizing.
  • Identify your organization's core competencies and align employee's skills with corporate goals and values.
  • Develop employees skills at all levels of your organization by measuring and addressing gaps.

What can you expect?

  • CompetencyCore™ Libraries include behavioral competencies that have been developed over 20 years of practical research and experience.
  • Each competency is scaled to 5 levels of proficiency enabling effective career pathing, succession planning and assessing development.
  • For each level within a competency, unique behavioral indicators define competence in measurable and observable terms.