Achieve employee performance results consistent with organizational expectations.

Integrating competencies in performance management supports the provision of feedback to employees not only on “what” they have accomplished, but also “how” the work was performed.

CompetencyCore employe performance management software helps you align individual employee performance with corporate goals and vision, and facilitates effective employee development through mutual access and input on their performance. You can use our employee evaluation system to incorporate competencies into the assessment and management of employee performance with a few easy steps!

  • Step 1: Build performance plans according to the competencies and behaviors outlined in the competency-based job profiles.
  • Step 2: Dispatch and conduct automatically generated assessments to evaluate an individual’s performance.
  • Step 3: Review and discuss assessment outcomes, and prepare employee learning plans to address gaps.

Assessing competencies as part of a performance appraisal is an important means of assisting employees in understanding performance expectations and enhancing competencies.

Learn more about using our performance appraisal software in your organization. Take a Video Tour of CompetencyCore™ or request more information.

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Discover the Benefits of CompetencyCore™ for Yourself!

Improve the Effectiveness of your Performance Management Process

  • Link individual goals to corporate business plans and goals.
  • Focus on results, behaviors as well as process improvements.
  • Behavioral indicators are translated into measurable performance objectives that are fair, valid and measurable.

Eliminate Disagreements

  • Improve the validity, fairness and transparency of performance evaluations by measuring standardized competency criteria.
  • Job requirements are clearly communicated to employees before the performance appraisals begin.
  • Encourage open communication between

Clearly outline an actionable plan to improve gaps in performance

  • Assign learning resources or other training/development programs to address gaps identified in the assessment.
  • Monitor progress of learning.

Learn more about using competencies in your organization.  Take a Video Tour of CompetencyCore™ or request more information.

What Can You Expect?


  • Incorporate into the performance plan competencies from an employee’s job profile, or competencies required to achieve each performance goal, or both.
  • Assessment questions are automatically generated based on the behavioral indicators from the selected competencies.
  • Templates included for performance plans are best on best practices in competency-based performance management.


  • Customize process according to organization needs.
  • Set cascading corporate goals.
  • Create templates for repeated use.
  • Attach weights to goals.
  • Set targets for specific goals.
  • Assign specific goals within a plan to another manager.
  • Log ongoing comments, examples of success or specific interventions.
  • Management reports on status of reports.

Implementation Support and Training

  • 3 hours of one-on-one administrator training included with purchase of CompetencyCore™.
  • 3 hours of consulting time included to be used to configure and set up your CompetencyCore™ site to maximize your investment.
  • Configuration and set-up packages available to get you started quickly and easily!

Learn more about using competencies in your organization.  Take a Video Tour of CompetencyCore™ or request more information.

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