CompetencyCore Product Update - February 1 2013

Date Feb 1, 2013

We are pleased to announce great new features coming this month to CompetencyCore™ 5.

CompetencyCore™ 5 will be unavailable for 10 minutes between 10:00-11:00 pm EST Monday February 4th EST for a maintenance update.

Featured Updates:

  • Ability to copy library items as Assessment Questions: Automatically create questions for the assessment bank by copying library items in batch. For example, when you create a new competency, you can now copy all behavioral indicators quickly and easily to create assessment questions. This also enables you to quickly and easily create assessment questions at the competency level to assess organizational core competencies.
  • Ability to add private comments to plans: Users can now include private, draft comments on any Learning, Performance or Succession plan while it is still open. This allows users, whether the subject of the plan, or another contributor, such as a supervisor or manager, to log comments as drafts that are only visible to themselves. Use this feature to collect your thoughts and track ideas that you want to ensure get captured on your final plan.
  • New assessment capabilities: Incorporate knowledge-based questions and tests into your assessment process with the new functionality to add multiple choice questions and score the right and wrong answers. You can also create tests consisting of several sub-tests and instructions.

Complete Update List:


  • Several improvements to functionality, navigation and page load times
  • CompetencyCore™ will now run on Microsoft SQL 2012
  • Added functionality for an HR Administrator to dispatch plans and review status reports for the entire organization
  • Activation emails no longer created automatically, allowing for creation of users without the need to send an immediate email
  • Additional functionality for support of Arabic content
  • Ability to delete attachments


  • Ability to add private comments to plans
  • Objectives on plans can be locked


  • Ability to add contributors to assessments by e-mail address from the dispatch center
  • Ability to copy library items like Behavioral Indicators as Assessment Questions
  • Participants can be deleted from an assessment
  • Added functionality for a multiple choice test type assessment question
  • Ability to create tests consisting of several sub-tests as well as instructions


  • Preference to automatically publish new inventory items
  • Inventory report now respects unpublished state of inventory items

Jobs and Job Groups:

  • Ability to disable jobs and job groups
  • Ability to clone job groups

If you have any questions or concerns please contact customer service at 1-866-574-7041 ext. 239.


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