The search for critical talent begins with your own organization.

Save time, money and minimize negative impact on your business by adopting a succession planning tool that puts the information at your fingertips to identify talent from within and fill critical positions.

The CompetencyCore Succession Planning software builds a validated competency inventory of your employees that can be assessed for and matched to jobs in your organization.  Quickly and easily search your entire organization to identify qualified employees to fill key roles with a few clicks of a button.

  • Step 1: Identify the job you would like to put a succession plan in place for, or build profiles “on-the-fly” to find employees with specific competency sets.
  • Step 2: Rank candidates by best competency fit to see who in your organization most closely matches the job profile.
  • Step 3: Identify competency gaps immediately to build development plans for potential successors.

What are validated competencies

When an employee undergoes an assessment (e.g. self, supervisor, multi-rater), a supervisor or manager must validate the competency to ensure the individual really demonstrates that particular competency in his or her job.  Only validated competencies are included in the database for succession planning purposes.

Learn more about using competencies in your organization.  Take a Video Tour of CompetencyCore™ or request more information.

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Use an integrated approach to identify, develop and retain talent for key roles within the organization.

Organizations are re-thinking the way they deal with the talent crisis.  Use the CompetencyCore™ Succession Planning tools to put in place formalized systems to ensure business continuity as key leadership, technical and specialized positions become vacant in your organization.

Reduce costs

  • Reduce time and expenses needed to fill vacancies by using a system that tracks and organizes the competencies and skills within your organization.
  • Minimize reliance on expensive staffing tools or agencies.
  • Cut costs associated with turnover by outlining clear develop paths for high potential employees.

Create a more effective organization

  • Align staffing processes to ensure that potential successors are identified for critical positions to help the business grow and remain competitive.
  • Improve readiness to deal with sudden loss of key players to minimize business disruptions.
  • Reduced staff turnover by communicating to high potential employees that the organization is considering them as part of its long term plans is essential in retaining them.
  • Give investors and prospective employees the same message: we are here to stay and we are thinking about the future strategically.

Identify talent from within before your competition does

  • Don't lose high potential employees to your competition, give them a reason to stay by outlining career paths and development opportunities

Learn more about using competencies in your organization.  Take a Video Tour of CompetencyCore™ or request more information.

What Can You Expect?

The CompetencyCore™ Succession Planning system draws upon the content built over time through employee assessments, performance evaluations and development activities to give management an overall view of the competencies and skills within the organization, enabling quick and easy identification of high potential individuals or the best match for key jobs.


  • Use existing profiles from HRSG’s database, or custom profiles built for your organization as search criteria to identify potential succession candidates.
  • Search results are based on an employee’s profile of competencies and skills built over time through assessments and performance evaluations.


  • Whole organization can be searched for qualified employees to fill key roles.
  • Search results are ranked by employee competency fit for roles or specific positions.
  • Managers can dispatch Assessments and Learning Plans to potential candidates for positions.
  • Managers can create profiles “on the fly” to find employees with specific competency sets.

Implementation Support and Training

  • 3 hours of one-on-one administrator training included with purchase of CompetencyCore™.
  • 3 hours of consulting time included to be used to configure and set up your CompetencyCore™ site to maximize your investment.
  • Configuration and set-up packages available to get you started quickly and easily!

Learn more about using competencies in your organization.  Take a Video Tour of CompetencyCore™ or request more information.

The Police Sector Council’s ongoing partnership with HRSG is a sound investment; their products and services constantly exceed expectation, and have increased our potential for future development internationally.

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Geoff Gruson, Executive Director - Canadian Police Sector Council