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Jasper International

For over two decades, Jasper has been assisting companies across the world to find the right personnel at various levels. Not just matching the right skill sets to a role; but the right person to a team and the right team to a company. Over the years, Jasper has developed an unmatched expertise in four core areas – Construction, Oil & Gas, Hospitality and Healthcare. Jasper delivers cost-effectively and time-efficiently.

The Grange Group

Better people, better managers, better climate and better processes lead to improved performance. That's why you should trust us - we deliver solutions that make a difference. If you are looking to implement a new strategy, improve performance management, enhance productivity, get more for the money you pay in salaries and benefits, improve selection and development or get a strong sense of how your employees, customers or stakeholders feel about your organisation please contact us.


Lexonis delivers software, competency data, workshops and consulting services to help organizations to assess, analyze, develop and utilize employee skills and competencies. We recognize that competencies are at the heart of any significant and enduring improvement in business performance.

Lexonis brings together three vital elements: high quality competency data, tools that bring the data to life and the expertise to successfully implement competency-based Talent Management solutions.


MindMill Appraisal systems are designed to help organisations assess & develop their most valuable assets - their people.

With a dedicated research and development team, MindMill seek to continually extend upon the range off assessments available. Innovation is key, and new generations of test development has been achieved to date by.

Our web based applications quickly and effectively uncover natural ability, skills and potential in an individual.



As a consulting company focused on information and communication technologies, we are specialized in meeting your business requirements with customized IT solutions. We analyze and describe your initial situation together with you, and define concrete and measurable goals for the success of the project. On the basis of this, we develop solutions and focus on their implementation/



Humatica is a specialized consultancy that works with corporations, private equity investors and their portfolio companies to make high-impact changes in the way they are organized and staffed. We enable CEOs to increase the agility of their organizations and shake off the complacency that so often destroys successful businesses.



Synergia was established ten years ago as an independent Project Management counseling office. Among these years our team of independent, highly-experienced experts have served and proved beneficial in a number of successfully implemented projects for a variety of customers of different sizes and industries. During this time we have also broaden our scope of services to cover other crucial business areas like HR, IT, Sales and Marketing. Our constant objective is to assist our clients in their development by introducing modern technologies and best business practices.