Discover your organization's true potential through competency-based management. 

This training program moves you from theory to real world application, building skills and knowledge in competency-based management.   This internationally recognized program focuses on workable competency-based solutions; giving you the skills to critically analyze specific issues, and design high-impact strategies that can start to work now. 

HRSG’s program teaches executives and HR professionals the skills needed to design, develop and implement a competency- based program for their distinct business. The program utilizes a blend of best practices, case studies, role-plays, techniques, models and the latest research.  These tools will help you understand the concepts and practices you can use to address current challenges in attracting, retaining and developing your talent.

The program incorporates progressively challenging topics and becomes increasingly advanced towards completion.

  1. Orientation to Competency-based Management
  2. Competency Profiling / Modelling
  3. Learning and Assessment
  4. Recruitment and Selection
  5. Performance Management
  6. Career Development and Succession Management

While the training programs have been designed to build on each other, the only pre-requisite is Module 1.

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This program is offered in a modular format, 1-2 days per module, or in two five-day blocks.

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Become a key participant in shaping your organization’s future. 

Enroll today and benefit from HRSG’s 22+ years of training experience and our world-wide network of HR professionals.

  • Achieve results with the help of the latest approaches to competency-based talent management strategies and initiatives.
  • Learn systematic and structured processes to make informed human capital decisions.
  • Understand the talent management process, not just for high potentials, but for your entire workforce.
  • Build a workforce and succession management plan that aligns with the strategic direction of your organization.
  • Establish a common language and principles for an organization with a consciousness approach to talent.
  • Effectively conduct talent assessments by measuring and tracking talent management processes and their impact on your business.
  • Join our global network of hundreds of professionals who have completed our training programs.
  • Take away your training manual a valuable resource when putting your training into practice.
  • Maximize your talent to build your competitive advantage!

Module 1: Orientation to Competency-based Management

  • Be able to use and describe the concepts and elements of competencies and competency frameworks
  • Know about best practices and benefits of competencies
  • Know and understand how competencies can be used to support talent management
  • Be able to make an informed decision about how to implement or enhance an integrated CBTM approach in their organization

Module 2: Competency Profiling / Modelling

  • Be able to define a competency architecture for your organization, and develop competency profiles using various methodologies (i.e. be able to facilitate competency profiling and validation focus groups)
  • Develop a framework for using competencies to support integrated talent management
  • Develop a comprehensive approach and work-plan for developing competency profiles

Module 3: Learning and Assessment

  • Understand the competency-based learning cycle including its benefits to the organization
  • Learn how to use competencies to conduct results based assessments for the purposes of learning needs and gap analysis
  • Be able to use a competency-based approach to develop learning plans and/or learning matrices to maximize the value of learning initiatives
  • Know how to assess the value of learning by leveraging results based competency assessment methods

Module 4: Recruitment and Selection

  • Know about best practices in competency-based recruitment and selection
  • Learn how to use competency assessments to identify candidate potential and capability to perform effectively
  • Be able to develop a comprehensive and cost-effective selection system to reliably, validly, and fairly assess candidates and ensure it is defensible

Module 5: Performance Management

  • Know about Competency-based Performance Management and how it can be incorporated into traditional performance appraisal models
  • Be able to design a Competency-based Performance Management system
  • Know how to leverage Competency-based performance assessments to determine gaps in organizational capabilities

Module 6: Career Development and Succession Management 

  • Know about frameworks and approaches used in Competency-based Career Development and Succession Management
  • Understand the component s of programs such as assessment, learning and development strategies
  • Be able to develop a roadmap for moving forward with the design and implementation of career development and succession management programs