Secure your organizations future with proven Leadership Development and Succession Management.

HRSG’s Leadership Development and Succession Management Services can help you keep a steady hand on the helm as your business matures. This service addresses the programs and processes required to identify, cultivate, and develop leaders and managers within your organization. 

Research indicates that formal leadership development programs improve organizational productivity. Leaders have also proven to be more effective in achieving goals when supported by targeted programs. With HRSG’s competency approach your organization will not only provide successors for leadership roles but also help leaders to achieve business goals, increase organizational productivity and improve employee job satisfaction.

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  • Improve Consistency in Development and Succession Programs: Establish a consistent Leadership and Management Development based on a core set of competencies, programs and processes. This will help ensure that future leaders have the skills and capability to deliver the organization’s vision, mission and mandate.
  • Retain High Potential Employees: Retain high potential staff members by cultivating and maintaining their interest. Identify and develop candidates for senior management roles without negatively impacting morale within traditional feeder groups.
  • Replace Valuable Senior Leaders: Address the issue of similarity in age profiles and gaps in managerial capabilities between current leaders and traditional feeder groups.  Protect your organization from operational discontinuities.
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Identify, cultivate and develop leaders and managers within your organization.

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  • Reduce HR costs through proactive development of internal employees.
  • Obtain the best external recruits through targeted planning.
  • Retain valuable corporate expertise and knowledge.
  • Increase return-on-learning investment (ROLI).
  • Identify critical roles and develop successors, reducing costly last minute reactions.
  • Protect your organization from the risks of employee retirements.
  • Increase your organization’s flexibility through a systematic analysis of a range of possible options and approaches.
  • Attain your business current and future goals through aligned staffing strategies!

HRSG offers a suite of services to develop, enhance and supplement HR management processes related to leadership and management development, including:

Framework and Program Design

  • Succession Management Planning
  • Design and development of frameworks and strategies for Leadership and Management
  • Alignment and integration of HR management processes with business goals

Succession Management and Planning

  • Workforce Planning
  • Identify critical positions and key competencies for the organization
  • Design, develop and administer assessment of candidates
  • Develop individual learning and development plans for pool of successors
  • Evaluation of succession management programs

Development of Leadership Capacity

  • Competency tools and process development, for Leadership and Management Development
  • Leadership development, coaching and mentoring

HRSG’s CompetencyCore™ 5 is an asset to our business, helping us enhance the competency development and succession planning solutions we customize for our clients. 

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Diane Just, Managing Partner - DLS Enterprises