Optimize your talent through effective, meaningful Performance Management.

HRSG’s performance management training program will help you to have more meaningful performance review discussions. This program will enable you to cultivate real conversations with employees that include recognizing positive contributions, as well as, having the ‘difficult talks’.  We will provide participants with the training required to better handle these important conversations.

The program uses an intensive, interactive format with teaching tips and techniques for real-world situations. Managers will gain the skills needed to review how things went during the year, set and revise objectives, and ensure that the employee’s achievements are fully documented. Participants will also learn how and when to provide feedback, and why feedback is so important.

As an integral part of the performance management conversation, the program gives managers tools to discuss employees` development goals within the context of their current job.  The focus will be on  matching employees' aspirations with organizational objectives.  This is a key aspect of the training program, which enables you to develop your talent while helping you to meet organizational goals.

Enroll today and benefit from HRSG’s years of training experience and our world-wide network of HR professionals.

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Effective Performance Management enables you to optimize your resources and is instrumental in the support delivering strategic organizational goals. Enroll today and benefit from HRSG’s 22+ years of training experience and our world-wide network of HR professionals.

  • Master the Performance Management Process and learn how to best utilize it within your team.
  • Implement practical objective setting for your employees with HRSG SMART (Specific – Measurable – Achievable – Realistic - Time-sensitive) objectives.
  • Objectively assess employee performance, and connect employee achievement to organizational objectives, in an approach that is meaningful for your people.
  • Understand the fundamentals of performance feedback delivery, through adaptable, interactive role play.
  • Learn our proven methods for frequently and accurately documenting feedback.
  • Take away your training manual; a valuable resource when putting your training into practice.

This intensive, interactive course is offered in one and two-day formats incorporating multiple exercises, and covers the following material.

The Performance Management Process

  • Performance Cycle
    •   Introduction
    •   Review the Phases of the Cycle
  • The Performance Agreement
    •   Objectives: quality, quantity, time and compliance issues
    •   Setting key indicators and linking objectives to relevant competencies
  • The Development Plan
    •   Areas for Development
    •   Action Plan
    •   Evaluating the Development Plan

Managing Employee Performance

  • The Performance Feedback Experience
    •   Motivating role in performance management
    •   Performance management styles
    •   Providing honest feedback
    •   Delivering performance results to employees
    •   Tools and pitfalls in delivering feedback
    •   Managing Employee Career Development
  • Documenting feedback sessions
    •   Formal versus informal feedback: what is the difference?
    •   How/when to document performance feedback

HRSG is a wonderful company.  It is like having a pocket dictionary on hand for occupational psychology, HR, and organizational best practices.

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Marge Pfleiderer, Director of Operations - Lebanese American University, New York