Managing Downsizing Issues in the Public Service

Services Packages Designed for Managers and Leaders in the Public Service

We recognize that it is a difficult time for managers and executives trying to transform their organization and implement their deficit reduction action plans. We at HRSG have specially designed service packages to assist you and alleviate some of the challenging tasks that lie ahead of you as managers and leaders within your organization

Designed to be cost effective and easy to implement, our coaching and consulting packages will help you to deal with the impending challenges of the upcoming budget cuts.  HRSG combines our professional services, technology and training solutions in a single competency-based management solution that is flexible, integrated, and targeted to your unique needs.  These packages will give you the necessary knowledge, tools and direction to plan, construct and implement an effective talent management strategy.

What's covered?

  • Workforce Adjustment coaching packages to help you and your employees through the tough changes that are coming.
  • Competency consulting packages designed to affordably help you identify your organization's core competencies and develop job specific competency profiles.
  • Assessment packages to help you identify where your employees are, and what gaps exists to get them where they need to be.

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Designed to address your concerns about future workforce capabilities after downsizing and make your organizational transformation that more efficient and humane, these service packages provide you with a responsive approach to clearly defining the roles, responsibilities and competencies within your organization and selecting the right talent fit.

  • Ensuring you have the right people, in the right jobs in your re-engineered organization.
  • Clear , well defined and defensible competencies for your new organizational roles.
  • Reliable assessment tools that will enable you to clearly identify your workforce strengths and weaknesses.
  • Less painful transition for affected employees.
  • Motivation and support for remaining employees.
  • A clear picture of how the workload will be redistributed.
  • Experienced coaches that can provide you with practical and realistic advice.
Workforce Adjustment Coaching - Core Competencies - Competency Profiling - Competency Assessment - Competency Management Training

1. Workforce Adjustment Coaching and Counselling

This service provides employees (executives and or their staff) that have been placed on a priority list with a range of information, advice and strategies to assist them redefine their career goals and find employment. We provide this in a one on one setting or in a group setting. The issues we address include:

  • Responsibilities and rights of affected/surplus employees
  • Management of priority file – number of referrals, interviews, interview feedback, etc.
  • Competency Assessment
  • Competency Development
  • Networking
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management
  • Interview Preparation
  • Career Transition Strategies – development of plan of action, etc.
  • Career Planning Advice
  • Learning Plan Development
  • Life coaching


2. Core Competencies for your Revised Organization

Core competencies reflect those critical competencies needed by all employees to ensure excellence in your organization. Core competencies are instrumental in maximizing performance across the organization and in shaping the behaviours employees must demonstrate to support your new organizational vision, values and mission. These competencies are customized to capture in words the strategic competencies and values of your organization. Starting with the competencies in the HRSG Comprehensive Competency Dictionary, we will identify core competencies that best reflect your revised organization.

What’s involved?

  • Take part in a two (2) hour meeting with an HRSG Competency Consultant to discuss your organization’s culture, nature of work, and organizational goals and objectives.
  • Provide HRSG with strategic documents that we will use to identify a short list of core competencies for you, drawing on our comprehensive Competency Dictionary.
  • Engage your management team with an HRSG consultant in a one-hour focus group to agree on the core competencies.

(Note: package does not include consultation with stakeholders; involves minor customization of competencies from our dictionary)

What you get? Up to five core competencies that reflect your organization’s vision, values and mission. Competencies with clearly defined proficiency levels, demonstrating a clear progression in ability.


3. Competency Profiling

A.  New or Revised Competency Profiles

HRSG will review and update your existing competency profiles or help you develop new ones from scratch based on your revised organizational roles.

What’s involved?

  • Just give us a call and we will set up a meeting with one of our HRSG consultants.

What you get?  Competencies with clearly defined proficiency levels, demonstrating a clear progression in ability. Leveled competencies that allow you to observe the graduated competency requirements within a career stream, providing a clear map for career development, promotion, and succession planning.

B. Customized Competency Profile from HRSG’s Library

Take HRSG’s standard job competency profiles to the next level! Engage an HRSG Competency Consultant to modify one of our job competency profiles or to build a new one to suit your new organizational requirements.

What is involved?

  • Spend 1.5 hour with an HRSG Consultant to identify your needs and select appropriate competencies from our extensive inventory to build your profile.

What you get? A customized job competency profile, including related competency titles, definitions, notions and behavioural indicators at the appropriate level for the job you are profiling. Package does not include building new competencies not currently in our Dictionary.


4. Assessing Competencies

Let HRSG help you assess your workforce competencies, identify their knowledge and skills gaps and determine the best fit for a given role and what needs to be done to build individual learning and development plan.

What’s involved?

  • HRSG uses your competencies and profiles, and uploads these into our system (up to 13 competencies).
  • You provide HRSG with the names and emails of employees and their direct managers.
  • You inform employees of the purpose and intent of the assessment and continue to remind them of the assessment to occur over a 3 – 8 week period.
  • We provide a 2-hour information session to managers and employees (in-person or remotely).
  • We dispatch the assessment tool electronically to managers and employees for both the employee and manager to complete.
  • We track and report the completion rate twice during the process, identifying incomplete assessments.
  • We provide employees and managers with an on-line guidebook to complete the assessment and an online learning plan template with suggested learning options for employees to choose.

What you get?  A gap analysis report of each employee‘s assessment results as completed by the employee and manager. Up to 5 aggregate reports of group results for management to make strategic decisions. An on-line learning planning tool for individual employees.


5. HRSG Competency Workshops and Training

HRSG delivers training that teaches workable competency-based solutions and giving you the skills to critically analyze specific issues, and design high-impact strategies that can start to work now.  HRSG’s program teaches executives and HR professionals the skills needed to design, develop and implement a competency- based program for their distinct business. We are currently delivering for following topics over the next year:

  • Orientation to Competency-based Management (1-day)
  • Competency Profiling and Modelling (2 days)
  • Identifying your Talent Requirements (1 days)
  • Competency-based Selection© Interviewing (2 days)

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