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HRSG’s Talent Management and HR Strategy services are designed to help you develop and implement a comprehensive HR strategy with results. This service will identify organization competency requirements, develop your current workforce and help position your organization to respond to market pressures. HRSG will work with your people to develop and implement frameworks that increase workforce capability.

People are an organization’s most important asset. Like any other asset, intelligent, comprehensive, strategic management is key to sustained success.

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  • Meet Performance Expectations: Competency-based strategies will identify current and emerging competency requirements, enabling your organization to meet or exceed performance expectations. Taking a competency-based approach to HR management can address performance issues, and help meet mission critical business goals. 
  • Anticipate Workforce Changes due to Demographic, Market Pressures or Evolving Technology: Develop a more cost-effectively strategy for acquiring, retaining and developing human resources through quality of HR management.
  • Thrive Through Organizational Change: Leverage HRSGs experience for an evolving business climate with built-in flexibility for managing talent and a proven strategy to sustain organizational goals.
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People are an organization’s most important asset. Anticipating significant challenges in talent management enables you to implement solutions in advance, helping you to meet your goals.

  • Achieve your business goals by ensuring you have the right people, in the right place, at the right time.
  • Keep employees engaged and motivated by utilized them to their full potential.
  • Improve the use of your people through better planning.
  • Anticipate costs and build them into your budget ahead of time. 
  • Plan ahead, be proactive and address risks to help you achieving your business goals.

HRSG offers a suite of services to assist organizations in developing and implementing strategies, plans, and processes to facilitate better organizational talent management and capacity building, including:  

Talent Management Strategies and Frameworks

  • Build organizationally appropriate talent management and capacity
  • Build frameworks based on competencies
  • Create the foundation pieces of competency-based HR management, e.g. generic work descriptions, competency profiles
  • Performance Measurement Planning 
  • Performance Planning and Assessment Tools

Strategic HR Planning Services

  • Develop integrated HR and business plans and deriving a strategy for leveraging HR management activities over time
  • Evaluate the HR planning process and recommending improvements to better align them with the business planning process
  • Conduct organizational vulnerabilities assessments and formulating plans to address them
  • Succession and talent management plan development facilitation
  • Learning and development services
  • Needs analysis processes
  • Career planning and learning plan processes and tools
  • Development of tools for managers and the HR community

Strategic Implementation

  • Institute a competency-based approach to talent management and capacity-building to improve the con¬sistency in HR management practices and the operational effectiveness of the organization
  • Perform program development and evaluation
  • Conduct individual and organizational career mapping and development
  • Analyse demographic and program compliance