Top 5 Tips for Selecting a Talent Management Solution

What to look for when implementing talent management software.

Tip #1: Find a Solution Built Around Best Practice Processes and Content

When selecting HR or talent management software, don’t simply automate your existing processes.  Take the opportunity to find a solution that will improve your business processes as a whole, and increase the impact of every member of your team.  Take the time to re-assess your own processes, and select a system that will enhance and integrate all your HR processes with best in class HR content, such as a competency dictionary and skills framework, interview questions, or learning objectives.  This will further increase the effectiveness of your business by improving the skill of your employees, increasing employee engagement, and improving productivity.  

Tip #2: Get it Right the First Time! Implement Effectively

According to the experts, one of the biggest mistakes organizations make when selecting a new software is poor implementation.  Make sure your software provider has the support services in place to help you implement effectively. Many of the solutions out there are highly configurable, so start by understanding your business problems, and leverage the support of your solution provider to properly set up your system to meet your organization’s requirements. This will save time, money and many headaches later on!

Tip #3: Configure, Don’t Customize!

Customized software is costly and requires highly technical people to maintain.  Once you customize a solution it is very difficult to upgrade and software providers will charge big bucks to update and maintain these systems.  If you select a system built on a solid foundation of best practice HR and talent management processes, configure these processes to meet your requirements to ensure a sustainable and easy to maintain platform.

Tip #4: Increase Objectivity and Transparency

Ensure the system you select has built in processes and content that will increase the transparency of your assessment processes and decrease the risk of potential litigation.  Whether you are assessing for performance, selection, development, or downsizing, you need to make sure that the tools you use are standardized and objective.  When evaluating software options, make sure you understand how the assessment tools were developed, and pick a solution that has valid, fair and reliable processes and content built in.

Tip #5: Increase the Predictability of Best Job Fit

Eliminate the risk of making the wrong choice when selecting new hires and save significant amounts of time and money.  Choose a software solution that will empower your hiring managers to define what is required for competence in a job and hire according to those required skills, competencies and attributes.  By selecting a software solution that provides you with standardized frameworks and tools by which to screen, interview and score potential candidates, increase the consistency of your selection processes, slash the time associated with preparation and assessment, and cut the cost of turnover associated with “bad hires”.