How Will Your Organization Benefit from Competency-based Talent Management?

Competencies enable organizations to integrate strategic HR and business plans into one seamless overarching strategy to develop people, optimize resource allocation, enhance services, and create efficiencies.

Competencies are widely acknowledged as the best system for setting benchmarks to effectively plan, measure and develop your workforce, thus achieving a skilled, engaged and productive workforce that will ensure you deliver business goals and increase business performance.

How Do Competencies Contribute?

Productivity Gains

  • Organizations improve efficiency not only as employees learn "what" they are expected to do, but even more as they understand ‘how’ they are expected to perform tasks.
  • Desired organizational behaviors are documented, making it possible to communicate these standards.
  • Required skills, traits, and attributes for all positions are defined, making it possible to measure and correct for skill deficiencies.

Grow, Retain, and Attract the Right Talent

  • Understand and define the talent needed and available to accomplish the organizational mission.
  • Define organizational culture to maximize the ability to hire for fit and attitude.
  • Objectively identify the individuals the organization must retain to maintain an optimal talent pool.
  • Create living HR plans that move with business needs.
  • Competency-based Talent Management enables the organization to define a skills road map, which empowers individuals to manage and achieve their own development.

Improve Performance

  • Identify gaps between requirements and capabilities.
  • Define expectations for employees, in a way that is measurable, objective, and defensible.
  • Set behavioral targets to encourage employees to go above and beyond expectations.