Build a Workforce Designed for Success

Ensuring you have the right people to meet your organizational needs is proven to improve productivity and increase performance. HRSG will give you the tools, training and support to target the specific competencies, or the knowledge, skills and abilities, that will fuel success for your organization.

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The first step in the CompetencyCoreTM approach is to plan your Workforce Architecture. This involves establishing the framework, building your job profiles or models, and identifying in what HR areas you will implement competencies.

Work with HRSG’s team of competency experts or use our tools to kick-start your own initiative and identify those foundational elements needed for successful implementation.

Why build a Workforce Architecture?

Competencies translate the strategic vision and goals of your organization into behaviours or actions employees must display for the organization to be successful.

  • Improve organizational performance and ROI by linking job requirements to organizational goal
  • Empower employees increase retention by providing a clear understanding and expectations of their roles
  • Support all HR practices by providing a common and integrated foundation
  • Strategically plan and develop workforce for both current and future needs

What's involved in buillding your Workforce Architecture?

A workforce, or competency architecture describes the common rules for defining competencies within your organization.

HRSG's tools, training and support will help you:

  • Create a skills framework
  • Map competency and skill requirements
  • Define jobs, roles and career paths